About Sydney

My name is Sydney Guerrero. I am a microblading specialist based in Savannah, Georgia. I received a microblading certificate at 3D Brows Academy located in Salt Lake City, Utah. I'm quite the perfectionist, hard working and very determined, so your face will be in good hands.

I've always been creative and I enjoy hands-on experience as well as working in customer service. My whole life, I've known I wanted to start my own business and when I discovered microblading, I just knew it would be the right career path for me. I love that everyday at work is different and brings on new challenges and experiences. There's nothing better than seeing my clients' reactions and knowing that I can help people leave my studio feeling beautiful and confident.

Beauty By Sydney

Located in Milan Day Spa
3302, 10 E Broughton Street
Savannah, GA 31401
Email or DM for questions/booking